What we offer

Suavoo provides on demand, in-home beauty services delivered to your choice of location. We personalize every styling experience so our customers can look and feel their best. With our inspirational lookbook, customers can select from hair and makeup styles to create the perfect look for any occasion.








Makeup + Lashes - $85



You can count on us when it comes to creating the perfect look for your wedding day. We book a consultation before your wedding day, where our makeup artists and hair stylists create a look according to your wishes. The stylists are happy to provide you with styling suggestions that suit the wedding dress design, the wedding theme or the environment - to ensure the perfect appearance. Obviously, eyelash extensions are included if you wish. Our stylists can also add face masks to give your skin the perfect glow on your big day.

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A hair blowout before the girls dinner, braids for the festival or maybe set for the meeting? Whatever the occasion, there are always stylists ready to give you the perfect hairstyle, always tailored to your wishes! For best results, make sure to have a chair near an electrical outlet. For set up, wash the hair the day before for best results and durability!


Our makeup artists arrives to you fully equipped for that glamour experience. Take a look at our inspirational images or show the makeup artists your own pictures and thoughts to get the look you prefer. Be sure to have a chair near a good light source, an electrical outlet and a table where the stylist can put her equipment to be able to serve you the best experience!


Get long beautiful nails with a gel lack manicure or why not a manicure with finishing nail polish? Whatever your preference for nails, our qualified nail technicians and manicurists show up where you want with all the equipment needed to ensure the ultimate nail experience. You only have to make sure there is a table and two chairs near a good light source and an electrical outlet.


Get the perfect tan without harmful sun rays! With Suavoo you can book the spraytan to your home. Our artists arrive with all equipment needed. Just make sure to shower prior to the appointment.